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Worried about Electric consumption and noise level of chimney!!!

Worried about Electric consumption and noise level of chimney!!!
Many home owners are worried about 2 factors when it comes to buying chimney-

Electric consumption of Chimney
Noise level
Electric Consumption
Let me clear this suspicion about electric consumption first.

The power consumption of chimney is not more as the motor used for chimneys are not heavy duty. You can say that a motor of chimney is same as the motor fitted in food grinders/ mixers which is 250 watts motor. The light in the chimney that indicates whether it’s in use or not, also consumes minimal electric power.

But yes the power consumption will vary with chimney models and also from manufacturers to manufacturers. And so I suggest you to always check with the vendor while buying.

Noise level
Chimneys do make some amount of noise. The noise level of chimney depends on the speed and suction power of chimney. As like electric consumption, the noise level of chimney will vary with model and manufacturer.

If you happen to buy an expensive chimney, the noise level will be quite low than cheaper chimneys (even if they are of same manufacturer). This is because of the additional features and technology in expensive model.

In decorative chimneys within same design you will find 3 different products – one with regular noise level, second with lesser noise level and third with minimum noise level.

Newest Technology
Few companies like FABER have introduced a new technology called as SILK in kitchen hood/chimney. SILK stands for “the silence key”. This technology reduces the sound level further by 25%.

The washable sound absorbing cushion inside the chimney helps reduce the noise level. The more advanced technology, features and design Kitchen hood/chimney you buy, the noise level reduces. But to have such advanced chimneys in your kitchen, there’s needs to be good height/ space available to install these chimneys.

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