TorinoPlus Built-in Gas hob TG-508M

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TorinoPlus Built-in Gas hob TG-508M

Torino Plus plate gas stove, code TG 508M

Dissemination Due to limited space in metropolitan apartments, interior designers are always looking for ways to use the least space available in homes, and in this regard, they have designed, produced, and marketed different products. Concerned and well thought out medical solutions for it. Torino, relying on modern industry knowledge, has been leading the way in the production of domestic machinery and equipment for many years. This company is an important step in the field of production of kitchen supplies and equipment, and due to the quality and support it offers, it is added for fans and users day by day .

Torino plate stove TG-508 is made in Iran, and is one of the products of this company. The Torino TG-508 grill is made of cast iron and its body is made of scratch-resistant tempered glass. The glossy top of this stove has given it a beautiful look, so that it easily harmonizes with other kitchen appliances. The Torino TG-508 hob is very popular with its consumers. One of the reasons for this popularity is its very reasonable price compared to other built-in gas hobs. This stove has three flames in different sizes. The distance between the flames is designed in such a way that you can use two or more large pots at the same time. Its flame head is made of industrial and very durable metal. The Torino TG-508 hob is manufactured in the dimensions of 86 cm by 52 cm and has a thickness of 5 cm. The automatic lighter of this built-in gas hob has less noise compared to other stoves, and it turns on quickly. The TG-508 hob is designed to consume little energy when in use. In general, this product can be a good choice for those who do not have enough space in their kitchen, or do not want to pay exorbitant costs to have a stylish built-in gas hob.

Physical Specifications
600*520 mm
50 mm
520 mm
50 mm
18 kg
Body Material
Tempered Glass
Technical Specifications
Gas Burner
Tempered Glass
lid cover
Material of volumes
Zamac and Silicone


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