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Outdoor pizza oven

How to make an outdoor pizza oven

When you make your own outdoor pizza oven, you can enjoy a combination of pizza, outdoor and firewood to have a unique experience that you like to share with family and friends. Your yard will be nothing less than a social mecca. After all, who can resist the fascination of fast-cooking pizza with the unique taste of oak, maple, spruce, beech or birch smoke? Let an outdoor pizza oven complement your backyard patio or add one to your outdoor kitchen .

How do pizza ovens work?

Firewood pizza is not just a nostalgic gimmick or return. The small masonry interior of a wood-burning stove exponentially brings heat to a temperature far beyond anything found in your kitchen stove.

One of the secrets of baking pizza dough until it is fully chewed is to cook it very hot for short periods: often from 750 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for a little over a minute or two. The other secret, of course, is the rich and delicious taste that wood smoke creates. This is a taste that no kitchen stove can achieve.

Codes and permissions

Contact your local licensing department for any building codes or zoning restrictions associated with making an outdoor pizza oven. If you live in a townhouse or other type of property owned by the Homeowners Association (HOA), you may need the permission of the HOA Board before proceeding with the project.

What you need

Equipment / tools

circular saw
Cordless drill
Tape meter
Rubber sledgehammer
Bathtub for mixing concrete
Spray bottle full of water
Cutting or sawing metal
Carpenter’s pencil
Malle Mason
Masonry chisel


Fast-setting concrete
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Panel 4 feet by 4 feet with melamine veneer, joint thickness 3.4 inches
Steel gauge rebar mesh 10 flash cut
Dry wall screws, 1 5/8 inch long
Silicone seam, black or other dark color
Release agent: mineral oil or paste wax
Decorative bricks
Waste cardboard
Scrap MDF, OSB, or plywood, each 18 inches by 18 inches
75 pounds of sand
Plastic sheet
6-inch diameter by 2-foot round metal duct pipe


Make the bottom of the mold for the base

An outdoor pizza oven is basically a wood fire, so you need a solid, fireproof base. While you can build a foundation of concrete paving, a rough concrete slab cast specifically for this purpose gives you the most flexibility in size and appearance. Bring the slab as close to the final location of the pizza oven as possible.

Make a melamine veneer of MDF by cutting a large piece for the bottom of the mold, then four side pieces. Cut the bottom to any size or 36 by 36 inches. Cut the mesh to 35 by 35 inches with a cutter or chainsaw.

Make side walls for the base mold

Using a circular saw, cut another piece of MDF into strips 2.3 inches wide by 36 inches long. Attach these side walls to both sides of the concrete formwork floor with 1 8.5-inch dry wall screw. Inject the silicone into the mold at all 90 degree angles and flatten with your finger. After the sealant is dry, cover the mold with a release agent.

Pour concrete for the formwork

Mix the concrete and pour the concrete in a layer 1 inch thick in the formwork. Place the mesh on the concrete, then complete the pouring to the top. To hammer the concrete, hit the sides of the mold with a mallet. Allow to heal for at least two full days. Use a spray bottle with water several times a day to prevent the concrete from cracking.

Remove the base from the mold

After baking, carefully separate the side form pieces. With the help, turn the slab upside down and remove the bottom form.

Dry the bottom bricks

To get a general idea of ​​the outdoor pizza oven footprint, place the bottom of the bricks on a concrete base. The pizza oven consists of two interconnected parts: the front arched opening and the appropriate dome-shaped oven. The front opening will eventually have two double bricks next to each other about 18 inches apart. The five bricks form an arch and are placed on double bricks. The rear dome will be freer. Start it from behind the arch. Form a close circle to touch both sides of the arc. Cut the bricks in half as needed with a hammer and chisel.

Make the front arch form

With the mortar of two stacks of two bricks, you create the sides of the arch. Place those double bricks about 18 inches apart to form two side walls of the front arch.

Next, create a form for the arc. Place one 18-by-18-inch waste board on the edge of the ridge. With a carpenter’s pencil, draw an arc that extends from the inside of one wall to the inside of the other wall. Remove it, then place the second board under it. Cut both arches at the same time with a saw.

Make the front arch

Place the two arch forms about 3 inches apart from the side walls. Support the following arch forms with a brick stack. The five bricks are plastered together across the top of the arch. One of the five bricks must be placed in the center to act as the keystone. Mortar each side of the arch to the side walls. Allow the arc to dry completely before removing the arc form.

Create the form of the back dome of the oven

After creating a dome footprint for your satisfaction, mortar that lower part directly on the concrete base. Once it is completely dry, create a form for the dome with sand. Mix the sand in the pool with some water to moisten and help it stick. Move the sand to the center of the bricks by hand. Lay the sand up to form a hemisphere. Cover the sand dome with a strong plastic sheet.

Add the bricks to the back dome of the oven

Mortar the bricks on the sand dome of each period on the following period. Also mortar the neighboring bricks. As you reach higher levels, cut the bricks into two halves or four for more fit. When you reach a circle 6 inches in diameter at the top of the dome, do not add bricks.

Create an oven chimney

Insert the metal duct in the upper opening of the dome. Make sure that no more than the inner wall above the dome is pulled down. If the duct is pulled further down, it may interfere with the pizza making operation and may not even smoke properly. Mortar the canal in place.

Mortar on oven bricks

Mix a large amount of mortar together and spread it on the pizza oven. Smooth the mortar with a trowel and shape it by hand. This mortar coating gives a specific round shape to the pizza oven.

Allow treatment and remove supports

Wait about three days for the oven to dry and dry completely . First remove the arch mold and the bricks that hold it. Then return to the dome of the pizza oven and remove the retaining sand. Be very careful to remove all sand and especially all plastic sheets.

Complete drying with a small fire

Before turning on the pizza oven to maximum temperature, make a small wooden fire to complete the drying process. Keep the fire small, because if you heat the oven too fast, you run the risk of cracking mortar and bricks.

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