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Kitchen Electric Chimney vs Exhaust Fan for Indian Homes

Kitchen Electric Chimney vs Exhaust Fan for Indian Homes
How important is Chimney for Indian Kitchens
Few days back I received a call from a modern Home owner asking, is having a chimney that important than an exhaust fan???

This is what I had to say…

In todays world where air pollution matters a lot, exhaust fan is not sufficient. I suggest all home owners to use chimneys as exhasut fan can only darw out the smoke from kicthen, and not other impurities like carbon and food particles, oilyness, heavy complicated gaseous, etc., that a chimney can draw out. Unlike exhaust fan, chimney can be installed anywhere in the kitchen. Chimney is installed 26”-30” above the cooktop.

In modern world, with modular kitchens in every house, there are cabinets made/installed for storage purposes. There are cabinets made below the platfrm, above the platform, side walls, etc. With Indian kitchens, where oily & masaledar food is been cooked, the smoke/heat generated carries greasy and other impurities settle on the cabinets above the cooktop. Over a period of time, the cabinets will turn yellowish because of the fumes and other heavy complicated gaseous molecule generated while cooking.

If there happens to be no cabinets above the platform, the particles would settle on ceiling or false ceiling. This way either the ceiling or cabinets get affected with impurities where exhaust fans are installed.

But in the same kitchen if home owner has a chimney installed, the smoke, impurities and food particles are drawn out through fan or filters of chimney. Having chimneys saves the ceiling above the cooking area from getting damaged and also smoke spreading to other rooms.

The cleaning task is reduced if you have chimney installed. Chimney can be cleaned every 10-12 days. Whereas with exhaust fan kitchen you will have to clean the cabinets and other furniture on daily basis to prevent them from becoming yellowish. So you see using chimney helps you keep your kitchen and kitchen furniture much cleaner.

If you have both, chimney and exhaust fan installed, then never use exhaust fan while cooking.

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Few home owners can be quite lucky to have a huge window right at the cooking area. Home owners with such kitchen design can save on, but not installing chimney. They rather wouldn’t need one. But for others where window are not on the same side as cooking area, chimneys are best option to maintain kitchen environment.

Function Comparison- Exhaust fan vs Chimney
1 Ductable Chimney = 15 Exhaust Fans
1 Ductless Chimney = 8 Exhuast Fans

One ductable chimney will functions as much as 15 exhaust fans installed in a kitchen. Even if it a recyclable chimney, it functions as much as 7-9 exhaust fan installed in kitchen. So you see the performance level of chimney is much higher than 10 exhaust fan. And the fresh air maintained by chimney keeps you and your family healthy too.

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