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How to Maintain Kitchen Hood Cleaning the DUCT/CHIMNEY

How to Maintain Kitchen Hood
Cleaning the DUCT/CHIMNEY

Chimneys/ Kitchen hood need to be cleaned periodically to maintain the kitchen environment. Be it ductable kitchen hood or recyclable kitchen hood, both needs to be maintained by regular cleaning or else it could catch fire or the performance level may decrease, etc. Hiring a professional kitchen hood duct cleaner can be expensive. But I suggest you to do so as the duct can be cleaned as per required standards.

Cleaning FILTERS

Before we talk about cleaning filters, home owners shall the type of filters installed in the chimney.

There are 3 types of filters-

Grease mesh filter
baffle filter
charcoal filter
Baffle filters

Baffle filters are designed especially for Indian kitchens that can absorb more oil. Baffle filters are made up of multilayer aluminum baffles coated in stainless steel material. The impurities, greasy and oily substances that get stuck to the bottom of Baffle filter can easily be removed. Either you soak it in soapy water for few minutes or scrub it gently with hot water and liquid soap atleast once in a month. Similarly grease mesh filter can be cleaned. But if you kitchen has a charcoal filter, home owner shall get it replaced every 3-6 months.

Initially aluminum filters were manufactured which are now replaced by stainless steel baffle filters in most of residential chimneys. But stainless steel baffle filter are much easier to clean, long lasting and easy to maintain. With aluminum filter kitchen hood, home owners will need to wash/clean the filter every 7-8 days as the impurities and greasy substances get easily stuck to aluminum and hardens. If aluminum filters are not cleaned for a long while, it may become difficult to rid of oily and greasy substance. Also there are chances of such impure substances to fall while cooking because of heat/smoke caused while cooking.

Auto Clean Option

But with modern technology kitchen hood, home owners need not worry going through any such pains of cleaning the filter and duct. These modern kitchen hood have an auto cleaning option where a home owner needs to just turn on the switch. The chimney is washed by it automatic cleaning function and the waste/deposits get accumulated in a cup. (The auto clean process may vary with brand and model)This cup is a removable cup which home owner can easy remove, wash it, clean it and fix it back. This type of a kitchen hood is a 3rd generation electric kitchen hood which can easily be maintained. Home owner will never have to worry about cleaning the duct with this kind of kitchen hood.

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