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Here are 43 smart home kitchen ideas to help you organize your kitchen

43 Smart Home Kitchen Ideas That Help You Organize Your Kitchen

If the kitchen is the heart of the house and the storage is the heart of the kitchen. Warehouses are rooms or shelving systems inside or outside the kitchen where you can store all your dry goods, snacks and drinks , usually items that do not require a refrigerator (if you have a large warehouse, you can Add it. Separate refrigerator). A pantry can be a whole room dedicated to a food pantry or it can be a small part of your kitchen.

If you find that you need a special spice in the middle of cooking, searching a messy warehouse is the last thing you need. Keep your pantry clean and tidy so you can find everything you need.

Store food in clear containers

Clear containers, such as glass jars, make excellent containers for storing food. Canned jars are popular when you screw on the lid, which keeps your food fresh for longer and eliminates the risk of pests entering snacks. Clear dishes also allow you to see your food, encourage you to use it, and help you remember when you need to harvest more.

You can buy clear dishes in most department stores and home retailers. For good measurement, buy several of each size, and make sure you can store a variety of foods while maintaining the overall appearance of your warehouse.You can also reuse your old jars, such as pasta or pickle jars.

Coated cabinets

By covering your storage or cabinet doors, you can hide the clutter that is almost always associated with food storage. You can add frosted glass cabinet doors or these beautiful white doors from Tyler Caro Design and Interior Decoration . This keeps your space quiet and reduces the long, inconsistent colors that are often included in food packaging.

Label spices

Set aside your trusted label maker and start making labels for everything in your warehouse, especially spices. If you like to cook, there is probably a mess of spice jars in your pantry or cooking area. Follow that sage to keep them neat and tidy with legible labels.

Label almost everything in your warehouse while you’re doing it. Tags help you organize.

Add a small sink

By installing a small sink in your warehouse or preparation area, you can quickly and easily wash products just when you get home from the market. You can also use the sink to wash your hands before preparing food or to clean quickly after accidental spills. There is no doubt that the sink will come in handy.

Use the basket

Store food in baskets so you can easily pull it out while in the middle of cooking or looking for a quick snack. That way, you do not have to shoot all your food to find what you are looking for.

You can even buy baskets with rails so you can easily move them in and out. It also allows you to install multiple baskets vertically in one cabinet space, meaning you can store more items.

Use additional storage space

If you do not have a dedicated warehouse in your home, you can still find enough space to store food. Install cabinets in any extra space you have. If cabinet space is tight, you can buy shelves or basic carts for storage.

Hang production

As shown by Black & Blooms , save valuable counter space by hanging products in baskets . Hanging baskets are not only functional, but also add an interesting light element and draw the eye upwards.

Make sure the hook you use to hang your baskets is beautiful and sturdy, and be aware of the weight limit (usually indicated on the product packaging). While you probably do not want to store melons there, hanging baskets are good places for apples, bananas, avocados, potatoes and more. You can even set one set of hanging baskets as your fruit basket and buy another for your vegetables.

Place the cans on the risers

Putting your canned goods on the risers shows them better so you can quickly see if you need more food when shopping. They also allow you to get what you need in one go. When you feel sick and only need a can of chicken noodle soup, the worst case scenario is to turn over all your canned food to find that you do not have fresh soup.

Save as items together

Store similar items together to make your storage more visual. You no longer need to spend precious 15 minutes searching for more or less your favorite tomato sauce. Storing similar items at the same time reduces food preparation time, as you can quickly get everything you need for a recipe instead of spending time searching.

Add a shelf of wine

Wine bottles take up a lot of space when not stored properly. Wine racks solve this problem. And if you’re not a wine drinker, use one to hold the other sealed bottles of the drink.

Hold them at the top to free up counter space and display functional decor.

Have a solid color scheme

Using the same color for all your cabinets in the storage, kitchen and laundry, you will create a more integrated environment in your home. Stick to a whole color scheme of your entire space that consists of just a few of your favorite colors. When buying a new product, consider this color scheme and avoid buying things that do not match.

Add bright lights

Bright lights help you see what food you have in stock. Install several bulbs and change the bulbs regularly to maximize their brightness. Install LED lights to save energy.

Do not forget the floor space

When organizing your warehouse, you are probably focusing on how to put everything on your shelves. Do not forget that your storage floor is essentially an extra shelf. Place baskets with heavy equipment on the floor, but do not keep anything loose, otherwise it will inevitably lead to confusion and contribute to unnecessary clutter.

Breakables Store Top

Fragile pots and fancy glassware should be kept out of the reach of children and accidentally knocked down. This pantry rule is well illustrated in this colorful pantry of Addison Wonderland . And if you’re still worried about breaking your objects, hide them in a more stable place, where no one is dealing with them.

Display items with open shelving

Open shelving lets you see everything you have better. In addition, you can display all your accessories for functional decorations. Mason jars full of bulk dry goods look great on open shelves, but avoid displaying snacks with noisy and colorful packaging that can make your space look too crowded.

Product store in plain sight

Display your products to encourage you and your family to eat before it breaks. If you put it in a dark cabinet, it may be a few weeks before you see the light of day again. And by then, it probably got worse.

Bonus – Great fresh products. Buying your farmer in the market is not only a delicious meal, but also a beautiful decor. But do not admire its beauty for a long time – eat it until it is fresh.

Keep cookbooks close by

A warehouse is a good place to store cookbooks. Keep them on a shelf or in a drawer to keep them at a distance so as not to clutter the space, but do not keep them too far away so you can pick one up while you are ready to cook. .

If you are planning to display your cookbooks as a decor, find books with covers that match the beauty of your home. And keep in mind to add a cookbook holder to your pantry or kitchen counter to make your cooking experience easier.

Keep snacks available to you

If you have hungry children who are running, be sure to place easy snacks where they can be reached during a hunger strike. They spend less time with their parents complaining about hunger and more time learning to serve themselves.

Install a sliding door

Sliding doors are practical and stylish features that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Install one at your storage entrance to keep space separate from your kitchen while providing easy access. If you need to go in and out, leave it open during cooking, but you can keep it closed most of the time.

Add the vegetables

Plants help increase air quality and boost your mood. Adding green space to your warehouse enlivens the space and adds a beautiful design element to it. While not necessarily an organizational tool , it is a great way to enhance your space.

If your pantry does not have windows, find low-light plants. On the other hand, buy some artificial plants. While counterfeit plants have not been one of the most important plants in the past, there are some funny plants on the market today.

Use shelves on the door

Door-to-door shelves are great ways to save space that we believe are essential in any warehouse, especially those on the smaller side. Hanging shelves on the door is also convenient for tenants, making them a great space-saving option for apartment dwellers.

Category of dishes

In a warehousing organization, having different containers is as useful as possible. Store a variety of foods in different containers and label them so you can find them quickly. For example, one dish may be full of packaged snacks, while another may be used only for your cooking utensils.

Hang the knives on the magnetic strip

Keep your knives out of your way by hanging knives (and other metal cooking utensils, such as ladles) on a magnetic strip on the wall of the pantry, while saving empty space in your drawers. You can buy these hand taps from most kitchen retailers.

Some guests may find a shelf full of sharp knives scary, so if they are a concern, keep them in a separate storage room or room. And make sure they are out of the reach of children and pets.

Line shelf with contact paper

Food shelves can get dirty quickly due to spills. Protect your storage shelves by covering them with contact paper or another type of shelf liner. When the shelves have to be poured on the shelf, you can replace the liner without worrying about damaging the shelf itself.

This storage tip is also affordable and suitable for rent. If you want to make your space more like your space without wasting money, buy contact paper. This model is available in a variety of colors and designs, so you can choose your favorite.

Keep alcohol separate

If you have a large warehouse, you can open a space for once. Keep anything alcoholic here and tell the kids that it is forbidden. When the cocktail hour starts, you will be ready to mix a drink. And when it’s time for a cocktail party, spin your shopping cart so guests can entertain themselves.

For those who do not drink alcohol, you can still have a cart (and kids can join in). Make it with seltzers, non-alcoholic syrups and fun seasonings. The whole family will love it.

Use the bookshelf for storage

Organizing your warehouse does not cost much. Go to a nearby store and look for a bookshelf. You can color it or customize it as you wish, then store your food on it in the pantry or storage area. This is a great way to increase your storage space without breaking the bank.

Hold the baking ingredients together

Keep baking ingredients such as flour and sugar in separate containers in the package and label them. Then, when tidying up your pantry, place all your baking utensils close together. When you are ready to bake a few chocolate chip cookies, you can quickly get everything you need without having to spend time searching for specific items.

You can follow this strategy for other types of materials as well. For example, put all your taco seasoning ingredients together or put your favorite breakfasts together to make things easier on sad mornings.

Use vertical wall space

Do not limit your cabinet size. If you need more storage space, turn your wall into a storage space with floor-to-ceiling shelves that you can use. Use any space possible.

Store items in tall cabinets

Install kitchen cabinets from floor to ceiling to easily accommodate all your appliances. Add door shelves to your storage space. This allows you to store more goods without having to put everything together.

Another space-saving tool for tall kitchen cabinets like these is the installation of pull-out shelves.

Cabinet color

Add color to your storage or kitchen by painting cabinets. Use a shade of blue for a calming effect or choose warm yellow for a cozy state. Try to match your kitchen cabinets with your storage cabinets so that everything looks integrated instead of crowded.

Add an island

For more counter space, add a kitchen island to the pantry or food preparation area. Use butcher blocks to make it even easier to prepare food, because you can use them like an internal cutting board. Wooden butcher counters also give a warm and natural look and make any space cozy.

Keep in mind that butcher block counters need sanding and lubrication at least twice a year to have a beautiful appearance and good performance.

Hide dishes

If you do not have a separate storage area for food, you may need to rely on counter space to store spices. Even if you have a warehouse, sometimes it is easier to store spices by the stove for easy access. But the dishes are available in different shapes and sizes and spices in different colors, so they can look very crowded on your counter. Instead of letting them out in the open, hide them in a shelf with a sliding door on top.

Store items in drawers

Drawers are great storage solutions – they hold a lot of items while having low specifications. Consider adding a drawer to your storage to store items such as spices and utensils. On the other hand, you can basically build in your drawers for a more integrated look. Some historic homes now have interiors, which is a big plus.

However, drawers are not the best place to store fresh produce because they hide them in a place where you can forget about them and let them be wasted. Instead, store things like non-perishable utensils and utensils in your drawers.

Hang things

In any warehouse, storage is key. Add as much storage space as you can to use any corner you have. Hooks are a great storage tool to help you do just that. Use them to hang food bags, sacks of products, containers and other items. You can even use your hooks to hold decorative items to make your home feel more.

Organize by size

This may seem obvious, but organizing your storage items by size helps make everything look neat and tidy. Keep small things like spice jars in a small drawer and larger items like cans of flour and sugar in larger cabinets. Organizing containers by size not only makes your storage look less cluttered, but also helps you create an intuitive system so you can find items a little easier.

Use base pages

Base plates are commonly used to store and display cakes and pastries, but you do not need to have a bakery to use them. Baseboards instantly clean up spaces, and you can put almost anything on it. Place the snacks on a base plate and use it as a suitable snack space. If you use it to store perishable materials such as baked goods, be sure to get one with a glass lid.

Stacked dishes

Stack your dishes to use all the vertical space in your pantry. You can also do this by using tall containers for bulkier foods, such as cereals. Stack as much as you can, but make sure the dishes are fixed to prevent accidental spillage. Usually the easiest thing to do is to stack short and wide dishes. Some containers are made specifically for stacking, which makes this storage strategy safe and easy.

Do not overfill the containers

As tempting as it may be, try not to overfill the dishes. Overfilled containers can clutter up your space, and overfilling them can cause confusion when you go to open your container. Avoid over-purchasing one of the hard-to-use items – it just wastes it.

Use lazy Susan

Lazy incinerators are amazing additives that save on warehouses or other storage spaces. They allow you to store multiple containers in one space, while also allowing you to search through them to find what you need without having to physically move each container. Add one or two (or more) burning lazy to your warehouse to significantly increase your storage capacity.

Use candy jars

Give your warehouse an old-fashioned look by keeping your packed items in old-fashioned candy jars. This allows you to keep your snacks organized, especially if one family member has different nutritional needs than the other. If you decide to keep these dishes at a high height, make sure you have clear glass so you can see it before lowering it.

Select reusable containers

If you plan to remove food from its original packaging and instead store it in reusable containers, try to keep the containers you use, especially if you are rebuilding old glass. Maintaining a cohesive appearance helps reduce the visual clutter in your warehouse, and if you choose clear dishes, you can see all of your food.

Think beyond food

A pantry may be a place to store food for you, but do not be afraid to put other items in that space. Small appliances and cooking utensils – especially those that you do not use much – can be easily moved into the pantry to free up space on kitchen tables and cabinets for the utensils you use most.

Create storage space wherever you can

When it comes to filling, your pantry does not have to be right next to your kitchen right away. If your kitchen space is tight but you need more storage space (and you do not care if you have to carry materials or utensils back and forth), consider changing your closet or corner of your basement for storage. Use.

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