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Get to know the 70 kitchen ideas you want in your Vision panel

70 kitchen ideas you want in your Vision panel

Is it just us or is the kitchen the cornerstone of every home? This is where your family cooks new recipes together, guests gather for an appetizer, and you enjoy ordinary food. Such an undeniably important part of your home requires you to remove all obstacles. Pay attention to it and see how fast you and your guests get to this area of ​​interest to fans. Whether you have a budget for a complete renovation or just have free time this weekend to update your existing plan, there is something for you. From painting ideas and cabinets to inspiring the island and envy home appliances , here are 70 kitchen ideas for remodeling.

Expenditure on industrial stoves

Contrary to popular belief, not all kitchen stoves are made the same. A large industrial stove is a display in any kitchen and justifies the investment, whether you are cooking for a big party or for yourself.

Try a waterfall-style island

While counters once had a very useful purpose, these days they are more of a design element. When choosing a material for this white marble , why not limit it to just your desks? This cascading style extends your countertops from side to side to create a stunning display.

Do not shorten your backsplash

While most backlash designs only reach the top shelf or cabinet, this kitchen proves that the right tile can reach new heights. Instead of installing back splashes halfway through the walls, maximize their potential and run it to the ceiling.

Choose your appliances wisely

When decorating your kitchen with a T-shirt, why settle for the basics? The matte black Dutch stove on top of the stove looks like a decor with curved sides and a slight gloss that matches the back color of the tile.

Draw a stool

For most people, the square footage of a kitchen is limited and requires intelligent solutions to maximize space. This kitchen island has a recessed bottom that completely accommodates three stools. In other words, they are there when you need them and they are there when you do not need them.

Keep the concept open

The truth is that even open concept designs with overhead cabinets, stove ranges and U-shaped layouts make kitchens feel cramped. This modern layout is really open and limits everything to an island design. However, with a seat on one side, an internal stove, sink and storage downstairs, you do not feel you have lost anything.

Include old decor

Just outside of your old dreams, this kitchen has old pieces, such as mid-century tiles and hangers, with past influences, such as avocado green cabinets. The final look is an explosion of the past in the best possible way.

Be careful of the colors of the dishes

It’s time to dump her and move on. We love how this all-black kitchen design uses matte black cookware to harmonize and give the whole space a cohesive feel.

Stick to a theme

This kitchen stands out in France because of its stone cover, candlestick style chandelier, antique hood inspired by cabinets and cabinet details.If you have something in mind, stick to everything from wall treatments to appliances.

Try a Sunny color palette

Even if you are not from the morning, how can you not wake up in a good mood when you enjoy your morning coffee in this sunny environment. A few cans of orange and yellow can transform any kitchen, but we love the old style in this corner.

Install the farm sink

A Chinese farm sink with a exposed pond is a stylish choice to harmonize with a range of interior decoration styles from rustic to traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Pay attention to the texture

It is possible to design an entire kitchen with one color (or in this case a general lack of color) and still have a space that has visual dimensions and interest. This design looks boring due to the large textures from the back to the stools and the cabinet doors on top of the cabinet.

Install a pot filler on top of your stove

While this is certainly not a necessity, the charm and comfort it brings to your kitchen may be worth the extra investment for you. Pot filling valves have a hinged arm that rotates on your burners to fill water pots directly on the stove. This is an ergonomic kitchen, but it looks very expensive in any kitchen.

Compare your top and bottom cabinets

Kitchen cabinets traditionally match in color from top to bottom, but this new wave of contrasting built-in looks great. In this space, the black cabinets at the bottom match the base of the black islands, while the white cabinets at the top match the countertops and the back of the splash, making the space larger.

It’s all in the details

You can not instill emotion in your space with a half-hearted design. Small details are just as important as larger details like back splashes and counters. The kitchen uses smaller items such as wooden bowls, marble fruit displays and modern cups to enhance the contemporary scene.

Give your kitchen the charm of the old world

Installing a wood-burning stove in your kitchen is both expensive and labor-intensive, though not impractical. Thanks to this brick niche, this space has the charm of the old world with contemporary luxuries.

Monochrome it

Believe it or not, a can of paint can completely remodel your existing kitchen design. Paint your kitchen from top to bottom (including the ceiling) for a bold monochrome look.

Change the use of a wooden table

This space is attractive through the old wooden table that now serves as the kitchen island. Baguette baskets also help to paint a picture of the French countryside.

Make it food friendly

The kitchen island is a great place to eat, but an extra table and extra chairs make for a casual dining experience for friendly gatherings.

Camouflage your refrigerator

Even a first-class refrigerator can look awkward in a particular kitchen design. The best way to create a sense of integrity in the kitchen is to have a custom cabinet made to camouflage your refrigerator. The final look is sleek and uniform.

Cozy with a rug

Since the kitchens have tiled and wooden floors, runner-style rugs work wonders in bringing warmth and texture to this busy area. If you are worried about it getting dirty, try a traditional look that is machine washable.

Build a housing for your stove hood

While there are some gorgeous stove hoods on the market, creating a compartment for it in such a way that it is built into your design creates a custom and more expensive look.

Stick with shiny accessories

It is not more shiny than this electric stove and glass hood and stainless steel. If you appreciate clean lines and prefer a sleek look, this combination is sure to refresh the look of any kitchen.

Choose double wall stoves

With such a beautiful kitchen, your home will surely be a gathering place for friends and family. Be prepared for guests with a double oven, where you can cook everything from appetizers to desserts.

Chevron you tile

We’ve always been big fans of subway tile tablets , but something as simple as tiling can refresh your whole design. Instead of lining them up horizontally, install them in a Chevron pattern for a contemporary upgrade.

Go with glass front cabinets

Display your best porcelain with glass front cabinets. The only thing is that you have to make sure that everything is always organized .

Choose open shelving

Instead of packing just what you need, you should try to pack extra just in case. The final look is more open and generous than bulky cabinets.

Bring a dining table

If you constantly notice that you are eating behind the kitchen table, do the inevitable things and move around the dining table. You will enjoy the comfort of eating in your kitchen, but you will eventually have a place to sit.

Think about dressing your window

When it comes to kitchen window dressings , the combination of curtains and drapes can look old-fashioned. Instead, choose a matte Roman shade for a lightweight, comfortable look.

Look for graphic marble

Stone tables are special in that no two boards are alike. If you are planning to install marble tables, be sure to choose a dolly that best suits your style. Consider elements such as line weight, colors, and density. We love this one with the deep contrast of the dark, graphic streaks that run through it.

Install a wine cooler

A wine refrigerator does more than keep your pines and roses cool, it actually looks like a million dollars in your kitchen.

Get creative with lighting

Lighting is essential, of course, but that does not mean it cannot be beautiful. This part of the kitchen and breakfast has a variety of hangers, sconces and chandeliers to create a stunning arrangement.

Try an all black kitchen

This kitchen is all black, home decoration dreams. Matte black walls, along with matte black cabinets and black appliances, look hidden, but thanks to the large windows, the kitchen still looks open and bright.

Try an achromatic color palette

The black and white kitchen is almost as classic. This arrangement with white cabinets, white tile backs and marble tables, in contrast to the black hardware and stove hood, will surely look stylish for years to come.

Emphasize your strengths

They call it the kitchen island, but that does not mean it has to be isolated in one place. This small kitchen island is placed on the wheels for maximum flexibility. It works as a training station, a counter for eating, or even a temporary cart (next to it) during a social night at home.

Be creative with tiling

Who said you only get one tile and one layout when designing the back of your kitchen? The design has a white metro tile back layer with a blue tile mounted on the back of the stove with a Chevron pattern. The design element adds an unexpected color that looks fresh in this traditional kitchen.

Mix old and new

Combining new construction with old decor pieces is a recipe for stunning design. This contemporary kitchen looks attractive with the help of these old stools. Search the flea markets, retailers and antiques for unique finds.

Punch wrap with sculpture hanger

A simple change of lighting can make the difference between a typical kitchen and a kitchen that looks like it deserves it. This style of stars instantly enhances the look and feel of this space.

Maximize your storage options

While all kitchen islands give you more space for the counter, only some of them give you extra storage options. Add cabinets under your island to store extra pots, pans and seasonal decor.

Go for something blue

The light shade of powder blue in your kitchen cabinets and island looks like a fresh breath. Warm wood colors, such as hoods, chairs and stove floors, balance this cool color.

Keep your walls clean

Regardless of the design style or layout, kitchen walls are almost always intended for cabinets or open shelves. Rarely do we see an open-walled kitchen like this, but we like how open it looks.

Match your island with your floor

We are used to seeing kitchen islands decorated with stools, cabinets or a large counter, but this is the first time we see wooden floors on the front. We think this is a view that needs to be rebuilt over and over again.

Get creative with Storage Placement

This kitchen uses every inch of storage space and we are currently thinking about all the appliances we can put in these drawers and cabinets.

Select the color of the statement color

Bold color choices make a big difference in the final look and feel of your kitchen design. This naughty green is great, all you need to tie the space is a small back splash.

Use it to divide a room

If you work with a very open conceptual space in the attic, you may want to separate from the rest of your space. The modular kitchen layout looks like this modern and creates the illusion of a separate room.

Skip The Stark White

Depending on your lighting, a completely white kitchen can feel uncomfortable. This ultra-soft gray shade is a good alternative because it gives you a light and airy feeling without any clinical feeling.

Combine and match design styles

While some adhere to a particular design style throughout their space, we like a single room with a variety of decorative elements. This traditional kitchen looks unique in modern colors, with contemporary clear stools and rustic wood.

Hang your microwave

Keep your counter space as cluttered as possible – this includes hiding electrical appliances or outside areas of the surface. Hanging the microwave on top of the stove makes everything comfortable and also acts as a hob.

Hug wood grains

While most kitchens use paint to cover their cabinets, we like that this space captures the beauty of these wood cereals.

Create an internal hatch

Why spend valuable space in your dining room with a large cottage? Instead, create a cabinet with tall glass cabinets right in your kitchen.

Hang fruit art

You know there are food art around the house. What better place than the kitchen to display it? This fruit frame looks right on top of the stove in this kitchen. Just keep in mind that you may want to choose a print that you can make another print, as it is exposed to steam and grease!

Try a checkered floor

While black and white checkered flooring once seemed more appropriate for 50’s restaurants, this kitchen proves to be more appealing than the old-fashioned style.

Create an internal cutting block

If you are a cook, a small cutting board may not be right for your chopping needs. This built-in gives you a lot of space to work and makes your kitchen look professional.

Leave the original sink for a black sink

Stainless steel sinks are standard, but this black and scratch-resistant sink has a prominent and different look.

Suitable for a small island

You do not need endless space to enjoy a kitchen island. This small arrangement fits on a small island with two stools and makes the space more functional without taking up much space.

Show the essentials decorative

Why put away your most used items? Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, such as oils, vinegar, and sauces.

Includes a wet bar

Having a separate space in the kitchen for preparing mixed drinks makes it look fun and easier. If budget allows, separate sinks and drinking glasses in one place will make serving your guests faster and more enjoyable.

Mix the metals

When creating a cohesive design, it is common to want all of your hardware, valves, and pendant lights to fit together. However, this kitchen design proves that you do not need to prepare everything in the same way. Mixing metals, such as gold pendants, silver faucets, iron stools and nickel stove hoods, work well together in this space.

Mix Up Wood Finishes

If we’re being honest, we’ve never thought to mix wood finishes within a single project. This kitchen boasts three different tones and even includes a chevron application on the single cabinet that houses the refrigerator.

Swap Tile For Antique Mirrors

Tile is the standard in kitchen backsplashes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t search for alternative materials. This antique mirror looks 1920s glam in this modern kitchen.

Hang Your Pots and Pans

Honestly, we do not know why they do not hang all their pots and pans on top of them? They are available without taking up valuable cabinet space.

Light it up

We admit, this is completely impractical and we can only imagine that this is a spree. Marble on these kitchen islands is lit from below to create a glowing effect.

Be cautious

Your local hardware store is not the only place where you can get supplies for your renovation. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life. This breakfast bar has a revitalized wood with unfinished edges that creates a stunning display.

Add a Pop Of Color

One of our favorite tricks for a quick kitchen upgrade is to add a light color to a neutral space. These weird orange stools add to this traditional design and make no effort.

Open it

Although we love a stunning island right in the middle of the kitchen, opening it up to your living space makes for a better flow and a bigger space.

Try a copper splash

This copper splash is a perfect pair for this orange and black kitchen. Warm colors make this space unique and cool, and at the same time make it feel attractive and homely.

Stick with a neutral color palette

Trendy colors are great, but neutral, earth tones stand the test of time. This kitchen incorporates natural woods, olive green, white, black and stone to create a zen feel and a timeless design.

Swap Cabinets For Alcove Shelving

If you prefer to show off your curated collection of bowls, vases, and décor, than to tuck them away behind a cabinet door, alcove shelving provides tons of storage, while showing off your favorite pieces.

Install Black Fixtures

We’ve all seen silver and gold kitchenware, from cabinet handles to faucets, but the matte black upholstery has a sleek, modern quality. Replacing your belongings is an easy upgrade that can be done at home on the weekends.

Add a second kitchen island

We are not saying that you need a second island , but if the square footage and budget allow, we say follow it. It doubles your space for fun and is it just us, or is it a great place to host a friend’s night cooking class?

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