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Familiarity with the best outdoor fireplaces for the backyard

We found the best outdoor fireplaces for every backyard

Outdoor fireplaces are a source of heat and a focal point for gathering in the backyard, even on cold nights. We tested dozens of outdoor fireplaces, evaluating ease of assembly and use, durability, heat output and smoke control.

Our top choice is an endless outdoor wood-burning fireplace with a chimney that is easy to install and maintain, provides heat from all sides, and has a large chimney that conducts smoke and ash.

Here are the best outdoor fireplaces.

Overall best: Endless outdoor wood burning fireplace

Outdoor fireplace is a smart and stylish way to heat your patio to extend the days when you can enjoy the outdoor living room. Our selection for the best outdoor fireplace is very light, but easy to set up and use. Inspectors appreciate that it has a large fire bowl that holds four or five large logs, so you can start a roaring fire. The large chimney directs smoke and ash upwards and away from your eyes and nose.

When it’s time to clean, just remove the removable ash receiver (when it has cooled completely) and discard the ash. Fire can be seen and felt from all sides to have a warm and cozy feeling. It also has a cooking grill that is large enough to accommodate a few burgers and dogs for an overnight snack.

Best Large Size: Outdoor Fireplace Stainless Steel Quillar Conora Gray

At 6.5 feet wide, this very large outdoor fireplace is supposed to be the center of your patio . In addition to the large fire bowl, below it is a storage room for sticks and sideboards decorated with plants or beautiful things outdoors. Many critics report that artificial stone and steel, wood-burning fireplaces are easy to assemble.

Such a large fireplace requires a distance of 5 feet from the sides and back – you also need to make sure that no flammable materials are accidentally ignited nearby – so make sure you have enough space beforehand. Ordering. The fireplace comes with a wood grater, spark plug and poker to build a safe fire.

Best Propane: 48 Inch Flame. Propane gas outdoor fireplace

Why bother making a wood fire when you can turn on the propane gas with the push of a button? This fireplace has a flame of 55000 BTU that keeps you warm and roasted even on the coldest nights and comes with a set of firewood and lava stones. The bedding is attractive and covers the back of the device as well, so the back is just as beautiful as the front. Like all outdoor fireplaces, you need to install it on a flat surface.

Note that weighing 550 pounds, this unit is very heavy and you may need help to build and adjust it to the right spot on your patio. You have to buy your propane separately or use the converter available to convert this fireplace to natural gas, which is also sold separately.

Best for small spaces: Old-fashioned accents of steel wood

This outdoor fireplace looks like a large lantern, but its compact size makes it perfect for smaller patios or backyards. That being said, like any other unit, you should check with your city government or local council for any restrictions on outdoor fireplaces or wood burning.

Similar to a fire pit, the fire of this steel fireplace can be seen and experienced from a range of 360 degrees, although the spark protection mesh provides a layer of protection that the fire pit does not provide. Each fireplace has an open side door, so you can easily enter and there is a fire and poker net with your fireplace.

The best pizza oven: Aztec Alor pizza oven in the world

What is better than an outdoor fireplace ? The oven that acts as a pizza oven! You will be amazed at the barbecue in your next neighborhood when you serve homemade and wood-based pizzas.

The fireplace is made of solid cast iron, and critics report that it cooks great pizzas in just 10 to 12 minutes. If you want to use it as a regular barbecue or just as a fireplace, the top is removable – and weighs 18 pounds, not as heavy as it looks. At 18.5 inches wide, it is not the largest outdoor fireplace available, but it still needs 10 feet on each side for safety.

Best Stone: Pavestone RumbleStone Outdoor Fireplace Kit

This fireplace kit comes with five Ramblestone block pallets, 24 polyurethane adhesive tubes and chimneys, a firebox and a wood grater. One reviewer even compared a building with blocks to a building with Legos. If you are confident in your work, you should be able to build this fireplace in about a weekend. (Otherwise contact a specialist.)

Some critics like this, since you are building your fireplace, they can customize their design with different paving stones or a wooden mantle. This is a permanent structure, so whatever you do, make sure you build it exactly where you want it.

Best for wood decks: Dewolf Fire Steel Wood Burning Studio Outdoor Fireplace

This 12-meter outdoor steel fireplace is a sophisticated option for those who want to heat a wooden deck . Just be sure to place it on a non-flammable, heat-resistant barrier, such as a barbecue mat or concrete pavement. With dimensions of 66 × 28 × 15 inches, it is placed in tight spaces and has a lower storage space for wood, of course note that the steel is hot to the touch and the screen does not spark, so it is better wherever Put it and give it a wide pier. It is virtually maintenance-free and the steel produces a beautiful rust patina over the years. The total weight of the structure is only 100 pounds, so if you decide to redecorate your patio space, you can move it.

What to look for in an outdoor fireplace

ease of use

You probably do not want to buy something that is so complicated that you will never use it. Look for an outdoor fireplace that is easy enough to use on a regular basis, one that does not require much installation outside the box. A gas or propane fireplace is a great option if you want to light a switch, but some wood stoves and fireplaces also light up easily.


It may seem obvious, but you do not want to buy a fireplace that is too big or too small for your space. It is too big to fit, too small, and there will not be enough heat to fill the fireplace space (or it will look dark in the space it is in – meaning it is not “suitable” for the area). Be sure to measure your space before buying a fireplace, and you can even draw its shape and size with masking tape before buying a fireplace to get a general idea of ​​its appearance in your space.

fuel type

One of the most important part of having an outdoor fireplace is knowing what kind of fuel it needs. Do you burn propane or wood? Where will you get those supplies? Preferably, you will have a fireplace that runs on fuel that is easily accessible to you. Include the cost of fuel (such as propane tanks or firewood packages) in the total cost of your project so that you do not overlook it when you need it for your first fire.

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