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Familiarity with the best kitchen faucets with special features and outstanding design

The best kitchen faucets with special features and outstanding design

A kitchen faucet is a functional focal point in any home. Designed for washing hands, doing dishes, and dispensing water, you rely on a faucet for everyday tasks. But this doesn’t mean that kitchen faucets are one-size-fits-all. Instead, there is great variety in the style, configuration, and features of faucets available today.

Whether you are planning a kitchen remodel or replacing a defunct, leaky faucet, start by considering your sink configuration and compatible faucet type. This will narrow your options based on the number of holes for the installation of the faucet and the handle configuration. The fun part is choosing the style and finish that appeals to you, along with any must-have features—like touchless operation or accessories such as a soap dispenser.

The options for buying a new kitchen faucet can seem endless, so we spoke to interior designer Allison Ruda. As a Great Lakes-region designer that has worked in the Chicago and metropolitan Detroit markets, she has worked on a variety of kitchen design projects. “When choosing a faucet for your home, it’s important to consider two things: functionality and aesthetics. The right faucet should be practical for your needs and look amazing!” While acknowledging that the options can be overwhelming, Allison makes the practical suggestion to start by outlining your preferences for faucet mount type, style, finish, and features.

Find the best kitchen faucet from these popular options available now.

Best Overall: Kohler Sous Pro-Style Pull-Down Sprayer Faucet

The Kohler Sous Pro-Style Sprayer Faucet is an all-around solid pick, offering a professional look and superior functionality. Known as pre-rinse faucets, these feature a high-arc spout with an exposed spring. Our in-home product tester installed and used this pull-down faucet in her own kitchen, evaluating its installation and effectiveness. Even with no kitchen sink installation experience, she found it to be straightforward and simple—requiring just 20 minutes and a few tools. After a month of use, this professional-style kitchen faucet earned 4.3 stars for its performance and function.

The Kohler Sous Pro-Style faucet measures 22 inches tall—taller than other pull-down models but on par for professional-style kitchen faucets. Be sure you have enough clearance above your sink before choosing a tall kitchen faucet like this version. The extra height is housing the generous 60-inch hose that connects to the sprayer. The hose “looks and feels heavy duty,” according to our tester. She found it easy to reach every corner of a large, divided kitchen sink. When released, the hose quickly and securely retracts, thanks to a strong magnetic docking station.

The pull-down sprayer is the star of the show, giving you a stream or sweep function with the push of a button. The sweep spray gives you a wide blade of water and was immediately embraced by our tester, who found it very helpful for rinsing plates or ‘sweeping’ debris from the sink. We just wish that you didn’t have to hold the button down to engage the sweep spray. This was our tester’s only point of complaint on the design and functionality of this professional-style kitchen faucet.

Best Budget: WEWE Single-Handle High-Arc Brushed Nickel Pull-Out Faucet

The WEWE Single-Handle Pull-Out Faucet offers the style and function of pricier models but costs significantly less. A best-selling model that is also budget-friendly, this faucet measures 15.7 inches high, providing plenty of room for filling large pots or pitchers. It features a pull-out spray function and sets itself apart from other budget kitchen faucets by offering stream, spray, and pause features using the buttons on the spray head. Usually, these features are seen on high-end kitchen faucets, so this functionality adds to the value of this affordable model.

Many homeowners have found the function and finish of the WEWE Single-Handle Pull-Out Faucet to be on par with more expensive options. The faucet also features ceramic cartridge disc valves for a long life of leak-free service. While some people have experienced issues with installation or leaking, the company has a record of a prompt response. For the price point, this kitchen faucet offers great value for property renovations, apartments, or as an affordable upgrade for your sink.

Best Pull-Down: Moen Adler Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

The Moen Adler is a pull-down faucet that features a single-handle design, which allows for one-handed adjustment of water temperature. The included deck plate is optional and can be used with 3-hole sink installations.

Moen equipped this kitchen faucet with Power Clean technology, which gives the faucet 50 percent more water pressure. A button on the sprayer switches the water from the typical, aerated flow to Power Clean mode—ideally for spraying off dirty dishes or deep-cleaning the sink. The spout measures 14.60 inches tall and has a 7.55-inch reach, plus the braided hose gives the sprayer an additional 68 inches of reach. When you’re done using the pull-down faucet, release it, and the hose automatically retracts.

A stainless steel finish ensures that the Moen Adler blends in with a modern kitchen design. A spot-resistant finish gives you more peace of mind that this kitchen faucet won’t show every water spot or fingerprint—cutting down on cleaning time and frustration. But if you’re looking to customize the look of your kitchen faucet, you can also choose the Moen Adler in bronze, chrome, and matte black finishes.

Best Splurge: Moen 7594EVC Arbor Smart Touchless Kitchen Faucet With Voice Control

A smart kitchen faucet doesn’t come cheap, but the Moen Arbor Smart Touchless Kitchen Faucet is worth the splurge. Not only does this model feature a motion-activated sensor, but it responds to voice commands or app control. Turn the faucet on or off from across the room or around the corner, giving you more control without ever touching the handle. It’s one of the most high-tech faucets on the market, so it’s no surprise that it costs significantly more than a standard faucet.

One of our favorite features of the Moen Arbor Smart Touchless Kitchen Faucet is the ability to use popular voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, to dispense precise measurements of water from your faucet at the temperature you request. For instance, while making your morning oatmeal you can say: “Hey Google, ask Moen to dispense a half cup of cold water.” There’s no need to get out your measuring cups or adjust the water temperature using the faucet’s handle.

To avoid surprises when using the touchless feature of this kitchen faucet, an LED indicator at the base of the faucet gives you a heads-up on the water temperature. When using the sprayer feature, this faucet is equipped with Moen’s Power Boost technology, which gives you increased water pressure at the push of a button. Six D batteries supply this faucet with power, but the manufacturer says you can expect up to two years of battery life—meaning you won’t need to recharge or replace them very often.

Best Gold: Kraus KPF-2820SFACB Oletto Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

A popular alternative to chrome or stainless steel, a matte gold kitchen faucet is an easy way to update your kitchen aesthetic. The Kraus Oletto is available in an antique champagne brass finish, which offers a sophisticated take on the gold fixture trend. But you’ll get more than good looks when you choose this gold kitchen faucet—it also offers some of the most sought-after functions, such as a single handle and a pull-down sprayer. The handle rotates forward 90-degrees, making this faucet a good choice if you have limited space between your kitchen sink and backsplash. The pull-down sprayer has a toggle switch to give you the option between stream and spray functions. The silicone spray holes are also easy to clean as a preventive way to keep mineral deposits from restricting water flow.

Since the gold finish of this kitchen faucet is designed to attract attention, it’s worth pointing out that Kraus uses its All-Brite spot-free finish for this faucet. It helps to minimize the appearance of water spots, fingerprints, and fading—preserving the luster and beauty of this gold kitchen faucet for years to come. The solid brass construction and premium internal components are indicators of a long life of service, so it’s no surprise that Kraus backs this faucet with a limited lifetime warranty. There is no deck plate included with this kitchen faucet; it’s only suitable for single-hole installation.

Best Touchless: BioBidet Flow Pull-Down Sprayer Faucet With Motion Sensor

Keep your kitchen cleaner by opting for a touchless faucet. Using a motion-activated sensor, these faucets give you the ability to start the flow of water without ever touching the faucet’s handle. Busy bakers or cooks will appreciate using this feature to quickly and easily clean up without making a bigger mess on the faucet’s handle.

The FLOW Pull-Down Sprayer Faucet With Motion Sensor is our top pick for a touchless faucet since it offers innovation at an affordable price. It doesn’t include other bells and whistles found on some touchless kitchen faucets, like voice control. But this FLOW faucet does include its fair share of user-friendly features and functions. For instance, in addition to the motion-activated hand sensor, you can pull down the spray head, and the faucet will activate the spray function. This makes rinsing dishes a true one-step process—pull down the sprayer, clean off the plates or sink, and release the sprayer to automatically turn off the water. It’s intuitive and easy to use. Plus, you won’t need to hardwire this faucet since it relies on batteries. Keep in mind that you will need to replace (or recharge) the batteries regularly, but most households can expect to go about six months before needing to insert new batteries.

The biggest drawback to this touchless kitchen faucet is the somewhat short range of activation. You’ll need to wave your hand within 4 to 5 inches of the sensor to activate the flow. In addition, if you have a small sink, you may find that the forward-facing sensor is easily triggered when washing pots or pans in the sink. To avoid this, the manufacturer provides instructions for an alternate installation that places the sensor on the left side of the faucet rather than facing outward.

Best Pull-Down: Grohe Veletto Single-Handle Pull-Down Dual Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Pull-down kitchen faucets have become increasingly popular. Mimicking the functionality of a commercial-grade pre-rinse faucet, these faucets have been adapted for use in everyday kitchens and make it easier to rinse dirty dishes or reach every corner of the sink. A characteristic feature is a high-arc spout, which houses the hose for the sprayer, but also means that these faucets are better equipped to fill tall pots with water.

There are plenty of options for a pull-down kitchen faucet, but the Grohe Veletto is our top recommendation for most homeowners. Engineered in Germany, Grohe has a reputation for well-designed and long-lasting kitchen fixtures. The Veletto is a single-handle faucet with a pull-down sprayer capable of stream and spray functions. It measures 16.3 inches tall and has a spout height of 9.75 inches, with plenty of clearance for filling a water pitcher or doing dishes in the sink. The faucet itself is made of brass except for the pull-down sprayer, which has plastic components. There is no magnet to retract the sprayer, but Grohe uses its own EasyDock system to smoothly retract the hose and sprayer. The brushed stainless finish looks good in virtually all kitchens and is coated to resist scratches and water spots. This model is also available in chrome, but other finishes such as matte black, gold, or satin nickel are not offered.

Best Single-Handle: Delta 101-DST Classic Single-Handle Standard Kitchen Faucet in Chrome

Simple and functional, a single-handle kitchen faucet takes up minimal space and offers a streamlined design. The Delta Classic Single-Handle Standard Kitchen Faucet is frills-free but easy to use. The single handle gives you a quick way to turn the faucet on and adjust the water temperature. There is no pull-down sprayer, but the spout has 8.7 inches of reach and can be swiveled 180 degrees.

Designed for one-hole sinks, installing this Delta faucet is straightforward in most situations. The flow rate is 1.8 GPM, which has proven to be plenty of flow for most households. You can also minimize your worries about a leaky faucet since this single-handle faucet utilizes Delta’s DIAMOND seal technology and all-brass fittings. A limited lifetime warranty provides further peace of mind.

Best With Sprayer: Kohler K-R72508-VS Mistos Single Handle Kitchen Faucet With Side Sprayer

If your sink configuration allows for it, a side sprayer is a useful addition to your kitchen faucet setup. Typically found with standard kitchen faucets that don’t include a pull-down or pull-out spray head, a side sprayer mounts in a separate hole and gives you excellent flexibility and reach for cleaning the sink or dishes from just about any direction. The Kohler Mistos is a great option for a kitchen faucet with a sprayer and can be mounted in two-hole or four-hole sink installations.

Designed as a single-handle faucet, the Mistos is easy to turn on and off and looks great in most modern kitchens. The faucet’s 11.75-inch height provides plenty of clearance while keeping the look of this kitchen fixture simple and understated. In addition, the spout of this kitchen faucet swivels 360 degrees, giving you the ability to rotate it to one side of the sink when you need extra clearance for washing large items like pots and pans. The included side sprayer stands ready to provide high-pressure spray for cleaning debris from dirty dishes or giving the sink a total clean from corner to corner. Both the kitchen faucet and side sprayer are finished in brushed stainless steel to resist corrosion and tarnishing and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Best for RVs: Dura Faucet DF-NMK852-SN RV Pull-Out Swivel Kitchen Sink Faucet

Make the kitchen sink of your RV more stylish and functional by upgrading the faucet. Many faucets may be compatible with RVs, but some will require various modifications to adapt to the installation needs of a home on wheels. If you’re looking for a kitchen faucet for RVs specifically, then check out this pull-out model from Dura Faucet.

Dura Faucet is in the business of supplying faucets designed for RV installation. The designs are typically more lightweight when compared to residential kitchen faucets since the body of the faucet is plastic. The exception in this pull-out faucet is the solid zinc handle, which gives a sturdy feel when turning the water on or off. A ceramic disc valve helps to ensure smooth, leak-free operation.

For an RV kitchen faucet, this model is reasonably easy to install. However, some people found that the included water supply lines were too short for their RV configuration. Be prepared to make some adaptations to properly install this kitchen faucet in your specific travel trailer or motor home. However, once installed, you’ll find the aesthetics and functionality of this pull-out Dura faucet to be worth the effort to make the swap from most standard RV faucets.

Best Dual-Handle: Moen CA87888 Caldwell Chrome 2-Handle High-Arc Kitchen Faucet

If you’re searching for a kitchen faucet with separate handles to control the flow of hot and cold water, consider the Moen Caldwell 2-Handle High-Arc Kitchen Faucet. This option has a classic design and fits three-hole sink installations or four-hole sinks if you plan to use the included side sprayer. The spout of this kitchen faucet features a high-arc and can be swiveled from side-to-side—ideal for use with double sinks. It’s only available in a chrome finish but has a traditional design that will work in a wide range of kitchen designs.

Many people find that dual-handle kitchen faucets offer more precise temperature regulation since you can turn on the hot and cold water supplies independently. Plus, it’s easier to avoid accidentally cranking the water temperature up way too high. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to manually adjust the water temperature using two handles which is inconvenient for some people as they’re cooking or cleaning in the kitchen.

What to Look for in a Kitchen Faucet
Faucet Type

Kitchen faucets come in a variety of types—including single-handle, double-handle, pull-down, and pull-out faucets. Other specialized types of kitchen faucets include bridge faucets, bar faucets, or pot fillers. Your decision on which type of faucet to choose will largely depend on your sink configuration, along with what functions or features are important to you. For example, a single-handle faucet makes it easy to adjust water temperature using just one hand, but double-handle faucets can provide more precise temperature control.

Sink Configuration

Be sure to factor in the style, size, and mounting holes of your sink before choosing a kitchen faucet. As Ruda points out, “The sink and the faucet have to ‘work’ together!” Start by determining how many mounting holes your sink has; one to four holes are typical. Then choose a faucet that is compatible, keeping in mind that some faucets include a deck plate that covers unused holes.

Don’t overlook proportion, either. Sinks come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, so you need to determine what type of faucet will compliment your sink. As an example, if you have a large farmhouse sink, a taller faucet with a pull-down sprayer would look great and provide balance according to Ruda.

Style and Finish

When it comes to the style of the kitchen faucet you choose, there are options for just about any interior design style. You can find fixtures that complement traditional, modern, farmhouse, or industrial spaces. It’s important to choose a style that fits your taste and décor since the faucet is often a focal point in the kitchen. You may wonder if it’s acceptable to mix-and-match finishes in your kitchen—for example, a gold kitchen faucet with stainless steel appliances. Allison provides this advice: “I like to do no more than two finishes in a space. Take note of the finishes of your cabinet hardware and other fixtures and either match the finish or choose one that complements it. When in doubt, match it.”

You’ll also need to decide between low and high-spout kitchen faucets. Allison stresses that choosing a low versus a high spout style depends on the look you like best. But she adds the reminder that you do need to be mindful of what will fit in the space and function best. “You might have a window sill or cabinet that a tall spout may not fit under. You also want to make sure the spout can reach the whole sink bowl so that it functions well.”

Additional Features

Other features can enhance the function of your kitchen faucet. Some of the most innovative faucets are touchless, using a sensor—or even your voice—to start and stop the water flow. You might also consider a faucet with a pull-down sprayer to make cleaning your sink or dishes more efficient. Additional accessories mounted next to the faucet, like a side sprayer or soap dispenser, are also practical choices if you have a sink with multiple installation holes.

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