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Familiarity with the 52 farm kitchens that take you to the countryside

52 farm kitchens that take you to the countryside

One of the best parts of home design is that it can transform your space and create any space, regardless of your geographical location. If you have a simpler outlook on cooking from farm to fork , the look of a farmhouse is for you. With refurbished wooden shelves, painted cabinets, front sinks, rustic touches, and unpretentious design , the quiet style takes you to the countryside (even if you are in the middle of the city). In the future, there are 52 farmhouse kitchens that will surely inspire your next redesign.

Wood grain counter

While most kitchens have stone or tile counters, these wooden counters are unacceptably farmed. Just be sure to remove the cutting boards when cooking or you will damage your natural countertop. Pair it with antique faucets and fresh flowers and you will feel like you are living in an easier time.

DIY A Kitchen Island

If you have an island space but no real interior, you can make your own wooden cabinet with an unused cabinet . Large amount of storage space, large desk space seems attractive. Obtain materials for this project from savings stores, small markets and even around your home.

Try an open concept

Life in farmhouses is centered around cooking spaces that can accommodate large gatherings and large, hearty meals. If budget allows, create an open concept with an island large enough to serve as the main gathering place in your home.

On the hook

The use of hooks as kitchen pegs makes farm houses unusual. Use them to hold cutting boards, kitchen towels, measuring cups and anything. We also like the look of the potted lavender hanging from the S hooks on the bar, like this rustic kitchen.

Include open shelving

Floating wooden shelves are what you need to create the feeling of a farm house. If you already have top and bottom cabinets, do not demolish them immediately. All you need is a blank wall to incorporate this rustic touch into the current state of your cabinet.

Install a farm sink

Farm sinks with their deep size and porcelain glaze are undeniable and instantly make any space look like the middle of the country. Prominent wooden walls, open shelves and porcelain also help in this space.

Bring the texture

Living in genuine farmhouses is full of texture – think alfalfa, wheat and natural ingredients – so keep this in mind when redesigning your kitchen space. Consider the composition of the texture through glossy tiles, bamboo, regenerated wood, marble and fresh foliage.

Call curtain

Curtain rods are just like farm houses, and checkered pattern is always a great choice. Add this soft element to your windows and doors and see how you change the space.

Combine old with new

The charm of the farmhouse decoration is found in the perfect combination of the findings of the old world and the new design of the school. These new sinks and drawers are perfectly paired with old windows and remodeled wooden cabinets.

This is in detail

Browse for sale garages or antique shops to find some old pieces that can be used for a useful use. Old milk bottles come to life as a vase of fresh flowers, while disproportionate containers take the place of soap and other items.

Keep it fresh from the farm to the table

Whether you have a garden that produces fresh vegetables or not, displaying your produce on the kitchen counter will make any space feel more like a farm. This wooden bowl full of fresh artichokes instantly sets the tone, giving you the illusion that you have rows of products growing again.

Hit the floor

Design elements at eye level are not the only things that deserve attention. The flooring you choose is as important as the color of your cabinets and the material of your counter. These patterned tiles perfectly connect all the components of this farm-inspired kitchen space.

Display of utensils

Do you have a collection of antique copper or cast iron utensils? Hang your pots on a rail above the counter or stove. Utensils add to the decor, as well as make commonly used items available during cooking.

Try an achromatic color palette

Decorating farmhouses can be done in different ways according to your taste. While some may choose farmhouses in a rainbow of colors, this colorful approach proves to be just as gorgeous. The black color palette, along with the woody accents, is chic, but still rustic at its core.


Who needs glassware in a kitchen cabinet? This rustic kitchen with attractive chicken wire details on the cabinet door frame looks attractive instead of ordinary glass. Everything screams at the farm house.

Go with an all white kitchen

From white-painted cabinets to a row of white tiles and white china, this all-white kitchen is a glimpse into the chic decoration of farmhouses.

Light mind

A candlestick-style ceiling lamp is the main decor of the farmhouse. This piece, which hangs over the central island with rope and iron details, is great for creating a rustic feel.

Temporary decor

The rustic look of old pieces and old collections flourishes. Decorate your kitchen with chopped spoons, rolling pin and cutting boards to create a farmhouse.

Include the warehouse door

Bring the barn into the house (at least part of the barn) using the barn doors. Installing doors on a sliding path can separate the kitchen from the storage or other rooms of the house. The large design element can act as the focal point of the design to close the room.

Bring the rice

Discard stainless steel and replace modern black kitchen appliances with brass appliances. They have an old feel that makes your kitchen look like it has been passed down through the generations.

Work with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a lovely addition to this breakfast corner of the kitchen. A farm house flower pattern is screaming, and the best part is that you can peel it off with wallpaper and stick it for rent.

Create a casual dining setting

We are big fans of formal dining room pillows, but this kitchen layout is what dreams of farmhouse décor are made of. It combines cooking and eating and encourages family meals, just as farmhouse style is designed.

Get creative with storage space

Straw is a great way to add texture and warmth to any room. Adding this texture to the baskets doubles the task of providing essential kitchen storage for flowers, fruits or cloth napkins.

Load on fresh flowers

It does not matter if you have a young garden or just an apartment balcony, the fresh flowers around your kitchen give you the illusion of living in a farmhouse. Buy packages at your local grocery store or subscribe to a weekly delivery service.

Try An Open Pantry

Replace traditional kitchen cabinets with open shelves, especially those made from recycled wood planks. Keep snacks for fun and everyday necessities in plain sight so everyone can see and help themselves.

Add a pot filler

Simply adding a pot-filling faucet to the stove instantly makes your kitchen more functional (now that you do not need to walk in the sink) and makes farmhouses feel more stylish.

Embrace the obvious rays

If you are lucky enough to have exposure rays in your home, give them the attention they deserve. Paint them in a dark shade and create a more contrasting layer of light white on the walls. If you do not already have the beams, they are just a contractor call.

Postpone reconstruction

This rustic kitchen has only been improved aesthetically with visible bricks on the left. While some residents cover it up to make it look more stylish, we like how it gives the farmhouse look.

Put some carpets

Small rugs in the kitchen keep your feet warm and can add texture. Use a runner-sized rug in front of the sink or add several throws in different patterns for a more varied look.

Buy dishes inspired by the classics

Real kitchens Farm houses are full of family heritage and china passed down through the generations. If you do not have emotional items in your kitchen, you can buy items that have old features like this.

Include cross chairs

Cross-chairs, like the ones in this vast space, are an essential farm. Light blonde wood with iron lamps and black background is the perfection of the kitchen.

Make it look like a farm kitchen

Have you ever noticed that farmhouse kitchens are a great backdrop for freshly cooked products? That’s why they always smell as good as they appear. Make a few desserts in the kitchen of your farmhouse to smell like a real country house.

Light it up

The inclusion of industry-inspired lighting in your kitchen instantly enhances the amazing factor of any space. Look for elements such as raw metals, incandescent bulbs, and hanging designs to have a reputable farmhouse.

Hold the main tile

When you work on redesigning, it seems that taking space and starting over is the number one step. However, before starting the demolition, stop and evaluate the main elements. This kitchen seems to have a main tile that fits exactly in this updated space (or it is safe to say that it shines).

Do not avoid color

Take design directions from utility kitchens and add colors by displaying colorful china, blocking colors in bold colors, or using a variety of tools to add more color and life charm.

Choose the seats behind the spindle

Spindle chairs, like the ones around the kitchen island, are a mainstay. White veneer with darker wood is a rustic perfection.

Save the air

Real farm houses are full of fresh air and natural light. Keep everything bright and airy with blonde wood details, bright white walls, lots of windows and subtle details.

Try a touch of pastel

We love how a layer of fresh paint can turn a stool into a new space for the space inspired by your farmhouse. This powder blue color is an unexpected finishing touch that connects the whole of this rustic kitchen.

Use aerated parts

We love a dining table that serves as an island and a place for entertainment – but to make it a real farmhouse, it has to be the right piece. A great place to make furniture for your farmhouse kitchen, local thrift stores and small markets. Look for pieces that have natural air or try your hand at a DIY project that mimics a similar look.

Use white brick

Whether you have a brick in your kitchen or you are thinking of adding it, a layer of white paint on a raw brick gives it a rustic feel and at the same time brightens everything.

Combine the old (apparently) with the new

The charm of the farmhouse decoration is found in the perfect combination of the findings of the old world and the new design of the school. This gray and white kitchen has a more modern look, while the old-style industrial stove takes you back in time.

Include boxes

If you have trouble organizing, cabinet space is scarce, or you are just looking to add an element of rustic life to your kitchen, wooden boxes will be decorated and organized. Pack them with products, extra utensils, kitchen sheets or cleaning supplies and none of them would be wiser.

Include brass buckets

What extra wooden logs, utensils, fruits and vegetables you have, keeping them in beautiful brass utensils adds to the environment. The added storage space keeps everything tidy and tidy, while adding bold color to the room.

Go with bright colors

The decor of farmhouses can be examined in different ways and create a completely unique look in any environment. While some may choose farmhouses in a rainbow of colors, this white and tan approach is just as gorgeous.

Work on the accent wall

A wooden accent wall in this kitchen enhances this space every time with a wooden board. The wood tone warms the space, while adding a textured chevron pattern.

Create a window bench

This cute little bench along this kitchen window is a great place to read a book while you wait for your blueberry pie to cook. The black gingham Vallance and seat cushions are impossibly a farmhouse, and the floral pillows add a cozy element.

Go the disproportionate path

The best part about the look of a farmhouse is its varied undertones. Do not get too involved in matching or monotonizing everything – uncoordinated aesthetics only add to the rustic feel.

Combine a variety of styles

The beauty of farmhouse style is that it has an eclectic color and scent, which means that there is everything about decoration. Packed with old china, decorative glass and white porcelain, this shelf looks perfectly at home in this farm-inspired space.

Create the feeling of the old world

You do not need to buy an old house in the country to feel like living in an old country house. The stone wall in this new kitchen gives the illusion of a space that has been there for centuries, but it is a method that is only a contact away from the contractor. After choosing a few color samples, you can have the same charm of the old world in the shortest time in your kitchen.

Hold the original Windows

Windows are the windows of any kitchen. They allow light to illuminate your space and, depending on their style, have the power to change any kitchen. Instead of updating them for modern windows, keep the original windows for an attractive, rustic look. If you already have modern windows, replace them with windows you find at your local flea market or antique shop.

Use the shopping cart as an island

Kitchen carts are a great addition to any small kitchen because they provide much needed counter and storage space for the following dishes and products. Castor wheels can easily put it where you need it. Feel it at home in your kitchen by painting it in a shade that matches the color of your current cabinet.

Try a wooden splash

You can not have a kitchen without a proper backrest, and while most of them use marble, tile or quartz, this wooden version is a farm house rather than a rustic T., but most importantly, it is different. And it turns it into a perfect cooking place on Instagram. .

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