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Familiarity with beautiful ideas for blue kitchen design

Beautiful ideas for blue kitchen design

From classic cobalt to dreamy turquoise to rich royal blue, nothing refreshes a dull kitchen like the lovely blue. Strong, delicate, cool or moody blue brings to life every element of the kitchen, from cabinets and walls to decorations and decorations.

Metro blue tiles

This timeless royal blue splash is installed by Howells Architecture Design. Vibrant tiles break the white space and then give a more neutral to the kitchen.

Blue Pantone

Limiting your color palette can be the best way to create a stylish and beautiful statement in a living space. This custom kitchen by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri makes the most of Pantone’s new shade called Serenity.

Beach style kitchen

The ocean views inspire the palette of this sunny beach kitchen designed by Elizabeth Swartz Interiors . In addition to the ceiling beams and breakfast bars, everything is cool blue, from shaker cabinets and stone tables to glass backs and pendant lighting. The result is a lovely culinary atmosphere that makes you feel more attractive.

Lovely brown kitchen

Torn between blue and green? The crimson color is a combination of both. As shown in this delicious kitchen by Devol Kitchens, this is a sophisticated shade that gives you the best of two colors. Wall to ceiling cabinets are hidden to the right of a large refrigerator and a double storage.

Navy Blue Kitchen

Pair the show in sunny kitchens by pairing rich marine walls and cabinets with glossy white subway tiles. Use a combination of metallic features to have a brilliant personality. This cooking space is equipped by the Bureau de Change with a matte brass faucet and chrome-plated pot filling.

Modern rustic kitchen

Do you like the color of faded jeans ? This rustic and modern kitchen by Holmes Hole Builders uses a bright shade of blue to enhance the beauty of the remodeled wooden walls. Reasonable concrete tables give the kitchen space an urban edge.

Turquoise kitchen cabinets

You do not need expensive appliances, expensive or expensive cabinets stone table to create a functional kitchen that is also extremely attractive. Freshly painted cabinets and walls with colorful tiles in this turquoise kitchen were created by Chad McPhail Design.

The kitchen is almost black

If you have a sunny kitchen like this custom kitchen space designed by Devol Kitchens , make your walls and cabinets blue at midnight. The color is much more stylish than black and makes wood and metal accents more prominent.

Blue kitchen appliances

The bold shade of blue creates a soothing shade in the sunny heart of the house by architect Meriwether Felt . Milky white walls beautifully display cobalt cabinets. The refrigerator apparently disappears in this cooking space, thanks to custom panels designed to match cabinets.

Sky blue kitchen

This sky blue kitchen by Dear Designer is like a fresh breath. If you are a little thirsty for texture in your kitchen space, pay attention to bead cabinets. Consider wooden tables for a rustic taste.

Light blue kitchen

If you do not want to overwhelm your kitchen with paint, consider a light shade. The icy blue cabinets are fresh and modern look to the cooking space in this Swedish apartment sold by Lagerlings. For a few extra cracks in the paint, add a few houseplants.

Copper kitchen utensils

Shine your metallic accents with a chic shade of blue. Designed by White Arrow Studio, this Brooklyn kitchen is a combination of indigo walls and cabinets in harmony with stylish copper utensils and transparent white walls.

Modern Pharmacy Kitchen

The decoration of modern farmhouses, combined with a high-contrast neutral palette with classic-inspired pieces and warm industrial designs, gives a crowded, cottage-style twist without clutter. This crimson and cream kitchen made by British Standard Cupboards is a great example. Copper water pipes become a feature of the stylish kitchen in this unusual design.

Light blue kitchen

If you want a soft color that is nothing but cowardice, quench your hunger with Caribbean blue. It’s the beach shade that illuminates this beautiful kitchen by Sarah Blank Design Studio . Refreshing paint works beautifully with chrome hardware and stainless steel accessories.

Modi Blue Kitchen

Paint your walls and cabinets with a soft shade of blue to create a cozy kitchen like the one on display at the Oslo Design Fair. Natural wooden shelves bring a unique relaxing twist. To shake things up, add a few mismatched chairs in bright room colors like pink and red.

Scandinavian kitchen

Pale blue and mint blue have a big impact on this little kitchen on display at Fantastic Frank . Bulky brass utensils and glamorous hardware can quickly become a nuisance in a small space , so use less designed parts for a subtle elegance.

Modern Deco Kitchen

Inspired by the art of deco by Emily Henderson، این آشپزخانهgives warmth to the glamorous performance. The star of the show is the graphic tiles of the earth, which are both impressive and timeless. The cabinets were painted blue-gray. Stunning goldware and shiny brass hardware are amazing.

Sophisticated kitchen ideas

This sophisticated kitchen by Addison’s Wonderland highlights light blue cabinets with classic black-and-gold-inspired features, including a sleek hood. To the right is a midnight blue tile wall that magnifies the cooking space by raising the eye up. But perhaps the best touch is the chandelier with turquoise beads on the corner of the breakfast, to which a little bohemian spice is added.

Blue open kitchen

The blue color of the wood beads on these cabinets is displayed in this lovely open kitchen by Ivan House Design 404. Contrasting woods and black, green and white colors add to the visual appeal.

Retro style kitchen

This cheerful blue kitchen with retro British standard cupboards has a charm of retro. Eye-catching features such as graphic floor tiles and red Smeg refrigerator give the cooking space a playful and modern atmosphere.

Stylish kitchen idea

Could a busy kitchen like this Joel Kelly kitchen be both attractive and functional? Here, the blue stain of the wood creates an unforgivable rotation on the floor-to-ceiling cabinet. The grayish blue back on the stove offers a beautiful graphic element.

Glass splash in the kitchen

A sky blue color enhances the contrast in this modern kitchen designed by Griffin Enright architects. This appearance is achieved by a light-colored wall covered with impact-resistant glass and then illuminated by dark cabinets.

Two-color kitchen

Strange, cozy and cool, it best describes the two-tone blue kitchen seen at Entrance Makleri. Combines the colors of the space wall, which is divided into separate parts with elements of natural wood and black features

Fish scales tile

Blue shades dominate in this lush and lively kitchen designed by Michelle Gage . The blue walls of the sea and the bold shells of fish turn a boring white kitchen into a delightful, ocean-inspired cuisine.

Bold blue kitchen

Beautifully designed hotel rooms often create new and attractive trends in decoration. For example, the bold blue in this small hotel room kitchen, designed by Jersey Ice Cream Company , represents a great statement . Polished brass hardware and utensils bring shine.

Unique kitchen ideas

Are you confused between colors? Set aside this one by Mirth Studio to create a unique reciprocal response. The trick is to combine a unique combination of colorful tiles that complement your blue kitchen.

Stylish blue kitchen

White Arctic Tables with beautiful waterfall edges brighten up this chic blue kitchen by Studio McGee. Home bar stools made of natural wood give texture and warmth to the stunning kitchen space.

Luxury kitchen

The luxurious look of this kitchen , designed by Grant K. Gibson , combines attractive navy cabinets with a luxurious marble backing. For more charm, pair with a beautiful golden aerated hat.

Modern apartment kitchen

Created by Spectra Design, this modern urban kitchen has a custom blue-gray cabinet that blends seamlessly with stainless steel appliances. The highlight of this New York City dish is its unique honeycomb-inspired climate.

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