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Clean greasy kitchen hood

How to Clean a Greasy Kitchen Hood

Have you ever tried to clean grease off your range hood and asked yourself, “Is there a better way to do this?”.

Well this week I discovered an amazing product you need to check out.

Especially if you start to notice funky smells coming from above your stove – like I did this past weekend!!!

Your range hood, if working right, is suppose to pull all the fumes from your stove top. Over time the hood and filter will develop a stinky greasy residue that can attract insects.


Maybe you’ve cleaned this before but it took more effort than you’d like. I’m all about saving time, getting amazing results, and sharing with my friends.

I feel like a kid on Christmas day because I’m so pumped to show you my results. Let’s get to it!!!

Too Busy to Clean Kitchen Hoods?

Sometimes I want to clean our house but feel way too overwhelmed with life to even get started.

As a result, I love getting awesome cleaning tips that take little time and effort.

They’re priceless.

I spotted Super Clean (a degreaser/cleaner) while walking through the automotive department of a huge box store.

After reading the instructions I thought it’d be a worthy experiment to try it on our stainless steel range hood.

This in no way is a product promotion – I just wanted to see if Super Clean would work and don’t know anyone at the company.

I’ve tried other cleaning solutions but they failed miserably.

Here are the supplies you need

Baking Sheet or Sink (FREE)
Chemical Resistant Gloves ($4)
Super Clean ($5)
Paper Towels ($3 or FREE if you borrow from neighbors – just kidding)

Uh, yah, this is the shortest supply list I’ve ever had.

Here’s what you’ll learn

How to clean a greasy kitchen hood and filter like a champ!!!
Here’s my step-by-step degreasing process.

Cleaning greasy range hoods and range filters: my best results EVER

Remove your range hood filter and place it in a baking sheet or kitchen sink.

Throw on a pair of chemical resistant gloves.

Shake the Super Clean then spray it onto the filter.

The grease will instantly start to breakdown but I left the filter sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing it with water (in the video I kind of use an unorthodox method, haha).

In that five minutes I went back to my kitchen and sprayed the inside of the range hood.

You should always do a pre-test on any surface to see if Super Clean will react well with it. I did this and didn’t see any negative reactions (like the finish being ruined).

Good thing too, because my wife would have be a tad bit upset.

I didn’t let the Super Clean sit on the range hood for any period of time. You can immediately start wiping down the surface with paper towels.

This is what impressed me the most. The grease on the range hood was worse than the filter.

Seeing it come right off was like a miracle.

Especially since I still have bad memories of trying to clean the hood with other methods and it taking forever.

Don’t let Super Clean dry on the surface. Immediately wipe it off using a moist paper towel that has water on it.

This also helps remove streaks.

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