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Built-in-Hob or Cooktop – What type of cooking range shall I buy ?

Built-in-Hob or Cooktop – What type of cooking range shall I buy ?
While interacting with a home owner who was confused for which cooking range to buy- Gas Built in Hob or Gas cooktop

This is what I shared…

There are 2 basic type of cooking range types that you can choose from

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Kitchen CookTop

A home owner shall decide on type of cooking range keeping two things i.e. space availability and efficiency while working in kitchen.

Gas Cooktops is a gas stove with stand which is quite a portable product. Traditionally and even today you will find many home owners using Gas cooktops in their kitchens.

Whereas Built-in-Hobs is like a permanent gas stove top. To install a built it hob the counter top (Granite countertop) is altered by cutting where the hob is installed. Here only the burners and the upper surface is seen, everything else like the gas pipe and the cooking rage gets concealed. Built-in-hobs, aesthetically make a great statement to your kitchens.

Kitchen – Built in Hob

There are some extremely good models available in both cooktops and built in hob cooking range like
glass finish, fancy looking, decorative cooking range
that look very stylish.
Cooking Time
One disadvantage of Built-in-Hobs is that the cooking time in more as compared to gas cooktop. The burners in Built-in-Hob are of European style where the flame is slow unlike gas cooktop. So you will surely find a difference in cooking time if you have used a gas cooktop earlier.

Price Range
Cooktop and built in hobs and available in 2 burner, 3 burner, 4 burner and 5 burner size. Built in hobs are honestly expensive as compared to cooktops. In cities like Mumbai & Pune You can easily buy a basic 2 burner cooktop for Rs. 1,500 whereas the starting range for built in hobs is Rs. 8000 that goes on to Rs. 20,000- Rs. 25,000 as per design, style and number on burners. Also built in hobs are high in maintenance. But these definitely add style and statement to your kitchens.

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