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Auto-Ignition for Cooktops & Hobs

Auto-Ignition for Cooktops & Hobs
Gas stoves basically have either manual or auto ignition. For manual ignition gas cooktops & hobs, a lighter is used to ignite the burners for cooking purpose. Whereas for auto ignition hobs & cooktops, the knob is turned on at an angle where the burners are ignited through electric or battery. Today most modern gas stoves & built-in-hobs have auto ignition mechanism. Infact Built-in-Hobs have auto ignition mechanism only but its electrical ignition.

Electrical Ignition

Electrical ignition mechanism is usually used for Built-in-Hobs. Electric ignition hobs use electric sparks to ignite the burners for cooking purpose. You can hear a “clicking sound” just before the burner actually lights. You can see the sparks (that ignites the burner) by turning the hob burner knob at a certain angle or to a position where “LITE” is written or by pressing the ignition button. Once the burner is lit with flame, one can turn the knob to control the flame as needed.

An electric connection is created just before the hob is installed. Hobs is always concealed on the platform surface. So, when the platform is cut (for hob installation), and electric wiring and connection is created. So just how the hob gets concealed in platform, the valve, pipe and electric connection too gets concealed within the platform. You will not see a single wire hanging out from anywhere. Whereas with electric ignition cooktops, the gas pipe (connecting from cylinder to gas stove), valve and the wiring done for electric connection is very much visible. To avoid the wiring and electric connection near gas (which is very dangerous), battery operated auto ignition were manufactured.

Battery operated Auto Ignition Cooktops- Hobs

Before battery operated and auto ignition gas cooktop & hobs were introduced, stove type ignition cooktops and hobs were made. These were the manual ignition cooktops where a lighter or match stick was used to ignite the burners. In Modern world of kitchen, you rarely get to see such stove type ignition cooktops & hobs. These have been replaced by “battery operated auto ignition” hobs & cooktops. In battery operated hobs & cooktops a standard battery of Rs. 15- Rs.20 is used. This goes inside cooktop or hob which is concealed. The battery usually needs to be replaced every 6-8 months. And if by chance the battery is not working for some reason, then home owners can ignite the burner with match-stick or lighter.

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