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How to Clean Your Range Hood Filter in 4 Seriously Easy Steps

How to Clean Your Range Hood Filter in 4 Seriously Easy Steps It doesn’t often get the credit it deserves, but your range hood does some heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your kitchen (and consequently, the rest of your house) clean. Your range hood sucks odors up and away from your cooktop and vents them outside to maintain your home’s air quality. And within your range hood, a

How to Clean a Glass Stove Top

Fortunately, vitroceramic stove tops are much more simple to clean. Unlike gas stove tops, there’s no messing around lifting parts or tricky gas nozzles to get at trapped food. Instead there’s just a simple, flat plane. Work gently at it using a little vitroceramic cleaner (e.g. Cif Cream) and a clean, damp cloth. However, be careful not to scrub too hard. If there’s an especially stubborn stain, leave a hot,

Best Way to cleaning built in gas stove

Whether it’s made of glass or gas, cleaning the stove can be tricky. Left alone, burnt-on food and grease can accumulate and be hard to remove. But, treated well, there is no better centrepiece for a kitchen. For a sparkling clean stove, follow the tips below! Ceramic glass stove tops can look beautiful if kept clean and shiny, but they are very delicate. Make sure you only use products designed

How to Clean Built in gas hob

How to Clean Built in gas hob Gas stoves are the preferred choice for many chefs and home cooks alike. Because the flames don’t require time to heat up or cool down, it makes rapid heat changes easy. But the precision and control found with gas stoves can begin to diminish as the gas ports clog with residue. Not to mention, one too many grease splatters can pile up, leaving

How to Clean a Range Hood

1 Gather Your Materials A basket of gloves and cleaning supplies. Your range hood will be covered in dust, dirt and greasy residue by the time you get around to cleaning it. A powerful cleaning solution designed for the task may be convenient, but a DIY method is a suitable alternative. If you don’t have a cleaning spray, one of the best degreasers for a range hood is hot water

A quick guide on best practices for installing your Bosch home appliances

1. Under counter 1. The power socket for the appliance must either be located in the hatched area A or away from the installation space. 2. Maintain a minimum 5mm gap between the oven/steam oven fascia panel and the cabinet. 3. If the appliance is installed under a hob, maintain a ventilation gap specified by the installation manual or at least 30mm between the table top and top of the

Electric Oven Installation & Built In Oven Installation

The following document provides advice on the installation of ovens and identifies the common mistakes made by installers, which can lead to both the customer and installers incurring additional and unnecessary costs. Single Ovens Installation Advice and Guide Single ovens must be installed in an appropriate cabinet that is provided with adequate ventilation to ensure the correct operation of the appliance. Legislative requirements dictate that any cabinet must be able

How to Clean a Kitchen Range Hood and Filter

As kitchen design has changed, the range hood has taken on more prominence as a focal point in the space. Soaring hood covers are fashioned out of every type of metal from stainless steel to bronze to copper. Others are custom-built with Venetian plaster or painted boards or rustic barn wood facade depending on the kitchen’s decor. While a beautiful hood cover captures the eye, the more important element is the functional parts

Effective Ways to Clean Grease From Cabinets and Hood

Greasy grime stuck to cabinets is one of the hardest cleaning chores there is, and the problem is almost inevitable in kitchen environments. Especially if you prefer non-toxic cleaners, it can seem that nothing will work to budge the muck. There are a number of natural, home-spun cleaning solutions that are supposed to clean grease from cabinets, but some options should be avoided. Effective Ways to Clean Grease From Cabinets There are some

Installing a Kitchen Hood

Installing a Kitchen Hood A range hood is one of the most important appliances to have in your kitchen: it’s a large vent that circulates fresh air into the room, and keeps smoke, heat, and odors from getting in your way while you cook. A high-quality range hood is a must-have for any cooking enthusiast, but if your home doesn’t come with one built in — or if your old